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OUR PURPOSE Clarity and Choice
OUR MISSION to bring about extraordinary positive changes in the personal & professional life of our clients

Whether you are a new business with a great concept but no idea where to start, or an established small business wanting to take the next step – we will keep you on track with our life-changing Coaching package.

How it works:

  1. Book a FREE initial 15-minute chat so you can learn more about our service and if it feels right for you.
  2. Book a FREE Discovery Appointment, this is where we understand your situation more and see if we both agree we are a good fit to work together.
  3. If we are a good fit, after the Discovery Appointment you will receive a proposal ensuring you are crystal clear on the investment, service offering, time commitment and our joint expectations. We can then discuss and clarify any areas that you wish to.
  4. You then simply sign our agreement, make your 1st payment and we can get underway.

Although either party has the option cancel our this service with 1-months written notice our experience is that between 9 to 12 months is a good period to allow for real achievement and improvements.

You will find our service has a different focus to other coaching and mentoring services.

While their attention is on the technical aspects of coaching and business processes, we focus on supporting you to build your capacity to learn from your own experiences. You’ll find this to be a bespoke and one to one process.

Not only that, you will learn to keep yourself out of the emotional state of overwhelm, keep your focus on achieving your quarterly goals and maintain your own clarity of purpose, direction and value.

Book a Discovery Appointment today.  Talk to us