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Website vs Landing Page. Which one is for you?

Website vs Landing Page. Which one is for you?

You made your website to pull in customers and leads online —
so do you really need more pages?

When it comes to a landing page vs website, your website is your entire online first impression. Your landing page is only one part of that impression; your handshake, greeting, or smile. You need both to make your online first impression really shine. In some situations, a website may be more effective than a landing page, and sometimes you want to keep it simple with a single-page site. Which one is right for you?

Your website is a set of interconnected pages with details about your business. Generally, business websites explain what the business is, does, and products and services available. It may also house specialized pages such as your business blog, login page, or a forum. The main purpose of a website is to describe and explain your organization or business.

A website is the best choice for you if:

  • Five or more pages
  • All information customers need to know
  • May contain multiple functions
  • All pages are accessible
  • To explain or present the company

Landing Page
A landing page is designed to describe an offer—maybe a coupon, ebook, or a free trial—and encourage visitors to claim it. Though it’s connected to the website, it spotlights essential elements focused on conversion and doesn’t usually have navigation buttons or other links. The main purpose of a landing page is to drive sales or capture leads.

A landing page is the best choice for you if:

  • Single landing page and attached thank you or confirmation page
  • Information about a specific item or offer
  • A simple structure of text, images, and form
  • Limited functionality
  • To sell or capture leads

The above is just a general rule, but there will be times when you may require both! Landing pages are becoming increasingly popular and due to the limited information, they contain, much simpler to put together than a full website. There are many application online which offer great customizable templates and host the page, such as Adobe Spark and Mailchimp. So all you need to do is post the link on your preferred social media platform or email campaign!