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Website vs Mobile App – which one is the better choice for your business?

Mobile Apps

On average New Zealanders spend more than 18-hours a week on their mobile phones, with 88% of consumers using their mobile devices exclusively to search for a business or product. Next, the consumer will either call or go directly to the business premises to complete their purchase or book a service within 24-hours. *

A digital marketing strategy is vital in a constantly evolving customer experience

Love it or loathe it, mobile devices are now king of the technology world. Mobile phones are the perfect size to travel anywhere with us; usually the first thing we look at when we wake-up in the morning (sorry hubby!); and feed a constant stream of real-time information on products and businesses directly to consumers – all in the palm of a hand.

So, is it enough just to have a website that looks great on a mobile phone?

In the infancy of mobile apps, many small businesses might have considered one and found them out of reach. If the price didn’t put you off it was easy to become overwhelmed by the platform and understanding the functionality of possible features. All too hard and expensive, especially when you have social media to worry about!

However, a few years down the track things have changed considerably, and many businesses now face the real choice between a website that is mobile-friendly or a mobile app. Fact: the number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users. There are currently 3.8 million registered mobile devices in New Zealand connected to the internet, making them an extremely powerful pocket-sized tool that can enable a consumer to make fast choices anywhere.

Digital technology will only become more accessible to a wider demographic as it develops; becoming less expensive to purchase mobile devices and connect to faster internet providers. If your business is not digital ready – your potential customer will not find you.

Appy Days!

Holding back from considering a mobile app for your business? Here are our 10 reasons to consider investing in a mobile app rather than a website:

  1. Mobile apps offer better personalisation
  2. Ease of sending notifications to your audience
  3. Making use of mobile device features
  4. Ability to work offline
  5. Freedom in designing
  6. New branding experience
  7. Users spent more time on apps
  8. New stream of conversions
  9. Brand presence
  10. Apps can work faster than websites


*Nielsons digital report 2018, Nectafy